Discovery Education Sparkled at MSET 2011

On Tuesday, April 12th and Wednesday, April 13th, Kyle Schutt and I had the pleasure of hosting the Discovery Education Digital Media Lab at MSET 2011.  Our goal during these two days was to share and uncover new ways to captivate the attention of 21st century learners using digital media, tools, and resources from Discovery Education.  The Discovery Education Digital Media lab  offered 8 concurrent sessions to the conference participants.  The sessions featured presentation components, hands-on activities, one-on-one opportunities, and peer collaboration.

Here’s a snapshot of the sessions Kyle and I delivered:

  1. 21 Ways to Reach the 21st Century Learner using Discovery Education STREAMING (Part I)
  2. 21 Ways to Reach the 21st Century Learner using Discovery Education STREAMING (Part 2)
  3. Discovery Education SCIENCE and the 5E Model
  4. Discover the Undiscovered Possibilities of Discovery Education
  5. Reaching All Learners using Discovery Education
  6. Power Up Your Presentation

A special thank you to the following DEN STARs who assisted during the hands-on parts of these workshops:

  • D’Netra Bland
  • Margaret Gaudino
  • Lori Miller
  • Tim Dixon
  • Bianca Johnson
  • Margaret Patrick
  • Jessica Raspa
  • Brenda Green

In addition to the sessions listed above, we organized a Sharing with the STARs session that was a huge success!  Thank you DEN STARs for sharing with other educators and inspiring them to become innovators in education.

  1. Selena Ward > Jazz Up Social Studies
  2. Renee Henderson > Code ME Science: QR Codes and Digital Media
  3. Dawn Berkeley > Discovery Education and Google Earth: Global Issues | Problems and Solutions AND Using GlogsterEDU to Create an Environmental Webquest
  4. Susan Toerge > Bringing English Language Learning to Life with Voicethread
  5. Lori Miller > Creating Multimedia Instructional Tools with ActivInspire and Discovery Education
  6. Tracy Carpenter > Creativity and Collaboration: Web 2.0 in the Middle School Classroom
  7. Tia Simmons > Symbaloo, Discovery Education, and Digital Media
  8. Jessica Raspa > Discovery Education from a Administrator’s Perspective

Thank you all for being SHINING STARs at MSET!  Please post your Sharing Session resources in the comment section of this post for other educators to explore!

If you’re not a Star Discovery Educator, click here to sign-up so you can begin participating in exciting events like Sharing with the STARs with educators all over the country!

The final session delivered in the Discovery Education Digital Media Lab was “Digital Storytelling 2.0.”  This session was presented by Carmella Doty, Maryland DEN Leadership Council Member and DEN STAR.  Renee Henderson, another shining STAR and DEN LC member in Maryland, assisted during the presentation.  Thank you, Carmella, for sharing your expertise with us all.

Again, thank you to everyone who helped make the Discovery Education Digital Media a success.


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  1. Shenninta Newman said:

    I hosted a MSET session titled: Motivation through Movie Maker along with fellow Den member Vernon Myers on
    Tuesday, 4/12/2011, 1:00pm–4:00pm
    it was in the PC Lab Sponsored by the Johns Hopkins University Center for Technology in Education. Teachers were given the tools to:
    Discover the multiple ways to create unique videos to motivate your students or educators using free software already downloaded on many PC computers. This hands-on workshop will provide educators a step-by-step guide to use Microsoft Windows Movie Maker to blend in pictures, videos, and personal voices or noises from the Discovery Education Website into an innovative presentation.

    The purpose of this presentation is to use Microsoft Movie Maker and sites like Discovery Education to engage people. The objectives are (1) become introduce to Microsoft Movie to understand the components of the program; (2) become introduce to Discover Education website to select videos, images, or sounds to use in a video; and (3) pull together music and videos to create an unique video to share with peers or students.

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