Spring Training Stats: April 15, 2011

DEN STARs are really working to keep their STAR status in shape! Based on the latest stats for DEN Spring Training 2011, here’s our leader board.

Don’t worry if you’re not on the list! There’s still time. DEN Spring Training ends May 13.

Each of these is worth 1 Spring Training Point

Each of these is worth 2 Spring Training Points

Each of these is worth 3 Spring Training Points

Hit A Home Run
This one is worth 40 Spring Training Points

  • Upload a resource to DEN Community >Educator Resources > Upload Resources.

Here’s a PDF version if you want to print it to help you keep up with your progress. Once you’ve done all your training, record your results on this handy checklist. Double check your math because if you get 50 or more Spring Training Points, we’ll send you this nifty canvas beach tote complete with Discovery Educator Network embroidered on it.

Now, get to it! You have until May 13th to show us what you’ve got! We’ll be posting a leader board periodically. So keep an eye out on the blogs, or subscribe to them… that’s worth a point right there!
Here’s the link to report your activity in case you missed it up there!


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  1. Cathy Hammel said:

    I did a lot of this stuff, but completely forgot to register everything. Oh well, maybe next year.

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