Spring Virtual Conference 2011 In-Person Events

We’re thrilled that so many sites around the country are hosing in-person events for the Spring Virtual Conference!
Attend one in your area or sign up here for the virtual sessions.

Spring Virtual Conference
April 30, 2011
9 AM to 3 PM ET
Cost: FREE

Pleasant Plains, AR (Register here.)
Lakeside, AZ (Register here.)
Peoria, AZ (Register here.)
Alameda, CA (Register here.)
Glendale, CA (Register here.)
Boca Raton, FL (Register here.)
Orange Park, FL (Register here.)
Cartersville, GA (Register here.)
Iowa City, IA- With Lodge LIVE! (Register here.)
Naperville, IL (Register here.)
Port Allen, LA (Register here.)
Capitol Heights, MD (Register here.)
Auburn, ME (Register here.)
Kansas City, MO (Register here.)
St Louis, MO (Register here.)
Moncton , NB, Canada
Charlotte, NC (Join the waitlist.)
Raleigh, NC (Registration is closed)
Cherry Hill, NJ (Register here.)
Pittsburgh, PA (Register here.)
Blackville, SC (Register here.)
Columbia, SC -St. Andrews (Register here.)
Cope, SC (Register here.)
Knoxville, TN (Register here.)
Austin, TX (Register here.)
Richmond, VA (Register here.)
Virginia Beach, VA (Register here.)
Verona, WI (Register here.)


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