May 21 is DEN Geocaching Day

On May 21, 2011 we will host our third annual DEN Geocaching Day! Every Discovery Educator is encouraged to venture out with some colleagues on May 21 and have some fun geocaching as you connect with your fellow educators one more time before the summer. Do you want to join us?

For muggles (non-geocachers) and pros alike, we’re kicking things off with a special session at the DEN Spring Virtual Conference (SVC2011). “Geo huh? What’s Geocaching in the Classroom?” will answer the basic questions of “What is gecoaching?” and “How do I get started?” as well as emphasize the curricular connections of geocaching.

So go ahead and mark May 21 on your calendars. We’ll have a group of DEN Guides (experienced geocachers) host events in their areas. If you’re a DEN STAR and want to be a DEN Guide in your area, please let us know by signing up here. We’ll send a few trackables your way and maybe even buy your lunch!

Keep an eye on this page as we get closer.


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