Scholarships available for NYSE Euronext Teacher’s Workshop in NYC

Did you enjoy the New York Stock Exchange virtual field trip earlier this week?  More than 1600 classrooms did too!  It was a phenomenal experience to be a part of, but it doesn’t have to end there.  NYSE Euronext is pleased to offer competitive scholarships to deserving educators that will enable them to attend the NYSE Euronext Teachers’ Workshop in New York City. The scholarships will defray travel expense so that high-performing teachers can attend this professional development workshop. The Scholarship Program is intended to reach teachers inunderserved communities, with a preference given to applicants who teach at Title I or other under-resourced schools. The Teachers’ Workshop is designed to help educators teach students about the financial marketplace and its importance in their lives and the global economy. The five-day Teachers’ Workshop will provide educators with an understanding of the capital-raising process and the NYSE trading platforms. The Teachers’ Workshop will increase teachers’ ability to include the financial markets across curriculum disciplines and includes support materials for classroom instruction. The application can be accessed here.



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