I can still hear my 4th Grade teacher, Miss O’Malley say, “You need to say what you mean, then write it.” What’s interesting is I just did that. I’m writing (actually speaking) these words you’re reading, on the iPad … using Dragon Dictation. So now, more than ever, it still helps to say what you mean – we can skip that writing step.

I once spent $100 to do this on a laptop with that application, and then another $100 for the update. It was PC only, required extensive training, required a dorky headset mic, and no one else could use it.

I will say (literally) it was pretty accurate. And using this app on the iPad is just as accurate. The only difference now is it’s completely free, no headset, no training. Go figure.

You might not want to write an entire story like this.
Talking out loud, with no one around, well, its weird, but speaking little chunks as you think of them is ok. And at any time, like now, if you get tired of hearing yourself, just bring up the keyboard and start typing.

The app is great on the iPhone, delivering thumb-free texting, but the message must be under 30 seconds and you lose it with your next message.
The iPad version REMEMBERS and saves your speech (text) with NO limits on time. Just keep on chunking; the iPad stores all your rants. You can come back any time and add more, or start something new.

To share with others, or embellish in another app, just copy and paste the whole thing to into a text editing program, email it to yourself, or just text message it to your publisher.
And how do you do that?
Double tap Home, to multi task.
Open PlainText.
Double tap> Paste.

So now we can stop letting typing block the writing. Just tell yourself what you want to tell others and get it in black and white. Miss O’Malley would be very impressed.


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  1. Tim Haag said:

    Great post. Question: Don’t you have to be connected to a network for Dragon Dictation to work? I was all set to use it, but read the fine print. I wish that it was standalone.

  2. Carolyn Stanley said:

    Thanks for the tip, Gary. I can’t wait to download it and try it out. I do have Dragon Dictation on my iPhone, and YES! – you do have to be connected to a network in order to use it. I did not realize the limitation on the iPhone – and am glad to hear about the versatility of the iPad app. I just got my iPad last week and have been having a great time experimenting with it.
    As an aside, my husband is a very halting typist, so we actually purchased Dragon Dictation for his Windows laptop after he saw the value of it on the iPhone. Interesting. I wonder how many have purchased it as a result of trying out the app on the iPhone. I’ll respond again later after I’ve tried out the iPad app.

  3. Neil Carlson said:

    Hi, I’m a reporter. Are you the Gary Webster who wrote a blog in response to article this summer that North Dakota was not a State?
    Please contact me.
    Thanks, Neil

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