April 30th: Opportunities to Participate F2F in DEN Spring Virtual

The DEN Virtual Conferences are among my favorite activities of the year. Of course you may participate on your own at home, but the camaraderie among the attending group has encouraged new friendships, mentoring, and the blossoming of new shared ideas from audience members. You are encouraged to attend with the groups below where food will also be provided.

Deer Valley – Terramar School (NW Phoenix area)

Blue Ridge Intermediate  School (White Mountains, Navajo County area)

The Blue Ridge group will be receiving their certificate for the day’s hours via the IDEAL site. Please register here as well if you are attending at Blue Ridge.

Each of the above links will provide you with exact location and contact information. The Blue Ridge location is also a “hotspot” for the AZTea WOW conference link as a dual event. More info here.

In other news…

Recently I was reminded that not everyone moves at the same pace with technology adoption. We’re busy thinking of online conferences, Web 2.0 tools, and integrated projects for our classrooms; and may be ignoring the educator or family member who is just beginning to use technology and is a little embarrassed about their skill level or doesn’t even know how to phrase the questions they’d like to ask.

One of the most helpful sites I’ve passed along (to my dad and elderly aunt ) is teachparentstech.org which is aptly described as a “tech support CARE package” and can be accessed by those dear to you when they are not near to you.

Please let us know about other sites you refer to those you are mentoring. Thanks for sharing! V