Webinar Series : Take Your Students to New Heights with Discovery Education SCIENCE

Enhance your use of Discovery Education SCIENCE for Middle School in the classroom with a full series of free webinars designed for new and veteran users. Join us as we explore the full range of resources available, showcase effective ways to supplement your existing curriculum with engaging digital content, and share the experiences of Connecticut educators who are already using this service to embolden their students’ natural curiosity and love of science.

Discovery Education SCIENCE for Middle School and the 5-E Learning Cycle Model for Inquiry Based Instruction Tuesday, May 3rd at 4:00pm

Students learn by doing, and Discovery Education SCIENCE is a curriculum solution designed to inspire your students to think like scientists as they immerse themselves in hands-on digital science content. Explore a range of teaching resources organized by each phase of the 5-E Learning Cycle Model. Learn to select materials that make science relevant to students through real world contexts, virtual labs, simulations, leveled reading selections and video-based applications.

Discovery Education SCIENCE for Middle School: Reaching All Students Tuesday, May 10th at 4:00pm

During this session, you learn how to give your students access to a wide range of visual and print media that can be tailored to match each students unique needs and interests. Find out how students can submit work, receive feedback, and communicate with others through the Discovery Education Student Center.

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