How I find the resources I share with others

By David Andrade,

Some of the readers of my blog and colleagues have asked me how I find the resources that I share on this blog, so I decided to tell you.

1. Google – I do Google searches for different things like “educational technology”, “social networking”, “web 2.0”, “project based learning” and any other topic I’m looking for.

2. My PLN – my Personal Learning Network is a great resource. These educators share their resources, ideas, and tips on Twitter and on their blogs. Here are some of the people in my PLN.

3. Blogs – both by educators and technology and education companies. Check my PLN list for some of the blogs I follow and check out My “Great Edtech Blogs” Bundle on the right column of this blog.

4. Discovery Education – the DE Network and many of their resources are great for using in school, but some of their resources share other resources with you and you can find a lot of great things on the DEN Blog Network.

5. Journals – there are two free educational journals that I subscribe to that have a huge number of resources: Tech&Learning Magazine and THE Journal. Check them out!

6. Conferences (and unconferences) – I attend 3-6 educational conferences each year. Not only do I learn some great things there, but I make more connections to add to my PLN.

Where do you find your resources?


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