9. Discovery Streaming and…..

the last month of the school year.

The state testing is done for most; the students — and teachers too actually — are brain-tired; what do we do?   Turn to Discovery, of course!

Some suggestions:

  • have HS students explore the world of work and careers with an eye toward future — summer work or college; clicking on the Careers/Workplace Skills brings up over 1600 results in the 9-12 grade range
  • encourage good research skills for school and life — a click on the Research/Study Skills link brings up over 400 results
  • information literacy and critical thinking are also needed skills for life;  a search for the word  information brings over 1600 possibilities, a search for critical thinking over 70 and for thinking over 400
  • show students that reading can actually be an enjoyable activity and not just something for testing;  under English/ Language Arts are listed over 4000 results for Literature and over 2900 for Reading; using the advanced search to find those with closed captioning so sight and sound are combined shows over 1200 for Literature and over 800 for Reading
  • since they have summer on their minds already, try a search for summer and look at some of the over 600 results for ideas

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