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Dr. Lodge McCammon is no stranger to Discovery; he has created special presentations for many of our special events. Today, he joins us with Katie, a teacher and co-presenter from NC. Lodge works with the Friday Institute and has created the FIZZ Learning Framework.

Lodge says that the new generation of learning is publishing, a rigorous and high order thinking level of activities. The learning framework actively involves students in creating classroom learning environments at the high end of Bloom’s Taxonomy by creating music videos, paperslide videos, and other engagement strategies. This kind of learning truly represents 21st century learning. From the chat room, a teacher’s endorsement:

from Joli Brock to All Participants:
paperslide is extremely user-friendly and exciting for strivers o show their thinking…then they can go back and reeval their own work….great op for small group discussion. Paperslide link: http://sites.google.com/site/denbostonfizz2010/math-lesson/step-3-paperslide-project.

In his travels as a consultant, Lodge notices that in many classrooms, lecture, remember, hope you understand it, tomorrow we’ll test, and then tomorrow we begin the school day cycle again. But there is a better way. Watch this video: FIZZ – No Lecture in the Classroom for an excellent example of a “flipped classroom.”  Lodge’s broadcast channel is onfizz.

The reality of professional development needs to provide the means for teachers to engage students beyond a knowledge-based level. But the downside is time. Kathy flipped her classroom by creating a series of lecture videos.

Now that you understand a flipped classroom, take a look at differentiated instruction in a flipped classroom.

So how do you address access for students without at-home access? Kathy says you get very creative about before and after school time, as well as lunch. You can also use class time to watch the video while other students in the class are working. A benefit: students are more prepared for class. More peer tutoring from the students. Administrator engage in the school transformation and support teachers for the application time. Teachers get school-wide time to create a flipped classroom.

Students post online to each other and work online with more online discussions. Kathy shares the first lecture video she created for her class.

The benefit of flipping your classroom with lecture videos is exponential. You make one video and all your classes get to watch it, on demand. No need to repeat the lecture cycle in each class. Students can re-/watch the video as needed and respond by creating yet another video they post to their class’s website. Learning is transparent at a new level of student-constructed learning.

Kathy asks why it has to be her on the video. The answer: she is putting herself out there. It engages her students because they want to see her; she’s their teacher. Sending them to someone else by outsourcing put dependence on other people to learn. Kathy says it’s like having a substitute teacher to construct an entire lesson. It’s not the same. You students begin to want you, their teacher, the individual teacher on the video. Kids bond with their teacher. They want you to deliver the instruction before you move forward with the application piece.

Flipping your classroom has an added benefit: it engages family. But more is accomplished. Take a look at the student comments. Students can “pause” the teacher. More application and collaboration occurs in class. Grades improve, more classroom time. Kathy says the overall benefits are a total “win win.”

Lodge says that in NC, they are transforming schools and classroom efficiency with hybrid school transformation. Differentiated instruction is about diagnosing and treating students. This approach to teaching goes beyond transmitting information and actually teaches students what each one of them needs. Consequently, we carve out more time more efficiently in class. But as we shift the paradigm, we need to carve out time for teachers to innovate, create, publish.

We want our students to re-evaluate and analyze their learning every day. It’s what our students want and need. At the Friday Institute, you will find step-by-step instructions on how to flip your classroom.

For the details, details, details, check Lodge’s website. If you missed The Fizz Man’s presentation with Kathy, you can watch the archives below.

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  1. Patti Harju said:

    Lodge and Katie – Great Presentation. You have inspired me.
    I recorded my first 3 videos to be used next week. Can’t wait to see the kids response to the videos. Thanks again.

  2. Janette Smith said:

    Great ideas! I am going to put together science videos. This will help to do more hands on experiments. Really loved the t-shirt.

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