Googling Creative Commons

Educators and students are always looking for images and media to be integrated into a variety of classroom projects.  Some of those projects may be book reports, digital storytelling projects, or podcasts.

To some of us, relying on Flickr for images licensed under Creative Commons is our second stop after searching DE Streaming images.  Creative Commons provides folks the ability to share, remix, and reuse a variety of media in projects without the concern of copyright violations.  A third resource folks like Wesley Fryer recommends is Compfight.  The focus of this site is to provide access to images for visual inspiration for digital media projects.  I would suggest Wes’s blog post “Using Copyright-friendly images” as a great starting point for those educators not familiar with the use of Creative Commons or following Fair Use procedures.

A final way to find Creative Commons licensed items is to use Google by following the instructions posted on “Make Use Of“.  The article addresses “How to Find….” open source programs and CC images.  The following image just starts to touch the wealth of information shared by Make Use Of.


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