Have a Peachy DEN Teacher Appreciation Day

You’ve heard again and again, “A picture is worth a thousand words”, but what if you could add a thousand words to your photos, and some music? That’s the idea behind PhotoPeach!

DEN Quiz Spring 2011 on PhotoPeach

With PhotoPeach, you can create a rich slideshow in seconds to engage your students with music, captions, and event commenting. It has long been a favorite of the Discovery Education team, and has gotten rave reviews from DEN events around the world.

Not only do educators love PhotoPeach, but PhotoPeach LOVES educators! To celebrate DEN Teacher Appreciation Week, they’ve committed to upgrade every STAR Discovery Educator to a premium account!

With a premium account, you get to download unlimited shows, upload your own MP3 soundtracks, create unlimited photo albums and customize the transition effects between photos.

Join us tonight at 7 PM ET for a webinar to see how easy it is to get started with your new PhotoPeach Premium account.

Oh yeah,  don’t forget to leave a comment on this blog thanking our wonderful friends at PhotoPeach for their generosity!

Redeeming DEN TAW 2011 Offers

Log into the DEN site at http://community.discoveryeducation.com.

Click on the link directing you to our exclusive offers for DEN Teacher Appreciation Week.


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  1. Susan Gauthier said:

    I am having a PEACH of a day now that I have upgraded to a premium PhotoPeach account – Thanks PhotoPeach friends!

  2. nsharoff said:

    AWESOME!!! I have used PhotoPeach in the past and am THRILLED!!! that I now have a Premium account. Thanks soooooooo much PhotoPeach for being part of the DEN Teacher Appreciation Week.

  3. Renny said:

    Thanks, Discovery and PhotoPeach, for appreciating teachers! What a great offer!

  4. Ken said:

    Thank you very very much. I have and continue to use Photopeach extensively with my students. A premium account is a very nice gesture.

  5. Cheryl said:

    Thanks PhotoPeach can’t wait to try it out!!

  6. Lois said:

    What a peachy idea for Den teachers. Thanks for thinking of us. I have not used PhotoPeach, but plan to go to the webinar tonight and learn all about it.

  7. Jennifer Osburn said:

    Thanks so much for this great gift! I it is always fun for students to see their pictures or work in a lesson and your product helps us do that!!!

  8. Kay said:

    Thanks for the appreciation, DEN and PhotoPeach!

  9. Kay said:

    Thanks for the appreciation, DEN, and PhotoPeach!

  10. Laura said:

    Thank you for the Photopeach Software upgrade, I can’t wait to use and add to our classroom activities.

  11. Betsy DeBiase said:

    I have never used PhotoPeach, but it looks promising. Like Christine, I am eager to try it.

  12. Carolyn Stanley said:

    I just signed up for the premium account today, and I’m absolutely thrilled. I’ve already put together a slide show marking the celebration of our Hoops for Heart 2011 Fundraiser. The music track provided really added to the presentation. I can hardly wait to create more – and get my students involved.Thanks so much to PhotoPeach for giving us this great reward.

  13. Glenda Jenkins said:

    Thank you PhotoPeach and Discovery for helping us become better teachers.

  14. STACY said:

    IT’S a peach of a gift…thanks so much

  15. Rachel Yurk said:

    Thanks! You make us all feel very appreciated! I am excited to use this!

  16. Ann Marie Bishop said:

    Thank you to everyone who has made this TAW a super duper one! The DEN always appreciates its teachers in the best ways!!!

  17. Sarah Thompson said:

    Thanks, DEN and PhotoPeach!!

  18. PhotoPeach said:

    Hello from PhotoPeach!

    Thanks to everyone who participated in the event and took the time to leave us and DEN a nice comment here! We cant respond to everyone, but this made us smile:

    “It is always fun for students to see their pictures or work in a lesson and your product helps us do that!!!” – Jennifer Osburn

    That’s a fantastic use of the product and we are truly glad we can help students engage learning in a fun way.

    Thank you all!


    The PhotoPeach Team

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