National Teacher of the Year Reception

Monday afternoon, Dr. Jill Biden hosted the 2011 Teachers of the Year at the Vice President’s residence and the DEN was invited. It worked out that I was able to go represent the community, and WOW was it an honor. Not only did I meet the Second Lady of the United States, I was surrounded by a group of amazing teachers.

In addition to being Second Lady, Dr. Biden is a mother, grandmother, and an educator. As a matter of fact, she told the group of teachers that she’d been grading papers early that morning!

When Dr. Biden spoke to the group, she encouraged us all to get involved with the Joining Forces initiative to support military families. One of my favorite stories she shared was of teachers using Skype to hold parent teacher conferences with deployed parents. What a great solution for so many!

Discovery Education is proud to partner with the Joining Forces initiative. While we’re celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week here in the DEN, we hope you’ll take a moment to thank a DoDEA Teacher on their Facebook page this week.