DEN TAW…Label Daddy

LabelDaddy’s labels are a huge hit with the DEN team.  I’ve had one my blackberry for years and it looks as good today as it did when I stuck it on.

Label Daddy now offers hundreds of Disney icons and new popular Marvel icons as well.

All STARs can now label the things you love and enjoy a 20% STAR discount at checkout by using the code “DEN2011.”

Five very fortunate STARs can get stuck on Label Daddy even more with their $50 gift card.  The winners are…

  1. Deb Elmore
  2. Karen Jahn
  3. Tanya Swindell
  4. Kristy Taxson
  5. Daphne Hayer

The winners will be contacted very soon with details about their gift cards.  Check back at 6 PM ET for our final give away for the day from Splashtop!


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  1. Carol Anne McGuire said:

    Congratulations!!! You’re going to LOVE your labels! (Thanks, Discovery, for giving these 5 lucky Stars this gift!)

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