DEN TAW…Splashtop Remote

At the back of the class, little Stevie Dembo needs help. But you need the students to continue working on the problem displayed on the projector from your PC.  So what do you do?

Fire up Splashtop Remote and now you can magically connect to your class PC or Mac from your iPad, iPod or iPhone from all four corners of the class.  You can view Flash movies, hear audio and interact with any and all of your favorite apps.  You can even hand little Stevie your iPad to continue the lesson – so now all the students can see his work.

The good folks at Splashtop are introducing an updated version of Splashtop in June that will add annotation capabilities – sure to create buzz in the classroom. If anyone is interested in talking with Splashtop about their needs, or who would like to beta test the product mid-may (how cool is that!), then please send Steve an email at

And, a bunch of STARs can now try out this great app for free.  The following 50, yes fifty, STARs will receive a free app courtesy of our friends at:

And the winners are…

Kay Adams
David Andrade
Chris Atkinson
Beverly Barquet
Marie Belt
Elizabeth Bowden
Ella Bowling
Elizabeth Charlton
Ruth Cook
Adalia Davis
Tracey Devney
Kathleen Dziok
Mona Effler
Robyn Foret
Mark Hackenmiller
Melissa Hall
Sonja Hollis
Glenda Jenkins
Jennifer Jones
Andrea Layton
Susan Little
Cheryl Lykowski
Emily MacWhinnie
Eileen Malick
Howard Martin
Mary T. McCullagh
Karen Miller
Rhonda Miller
Pattie Morton
Denise Orndorff
Deborah Otap
Mary Pelton
Renee Peoples
Laura Pilker
Jean Potter
Marcia Powell
Mary Ray
Peggy Ricks
Jeanne Rogers
Kamala Schuster
Tracy Selock
Laura Sheehy
Tracy Standhart
Tanya Szanto
Kelly Terwilliger
Judy Umbenhauer
Karen Wells
Pam Williams
Thomas Winter
Wendy Zahrn

Look for an email soon from Steve at Splashtop.


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  1. Mary Ray said:

    THANKS! Can hardly wait to try it out!
    Thank you Splashtop and DEN!

  2. kalford said:

    Three words that describe DEN to me are…wonderful resources shared

  3. Shenninta Newman said:

    looking for blog to place my three words that describe DEN….Awesome, Amazing and So needed

  4. Karen Miller said:

    I am so excited!! I wanted to purchase this app but with budget cuts! An NO raise in 4 years now!! It is tough being a teacher but I just love my teachers and kids!

    Thanks again!!

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