Happy DEN Teacher Appreciation Week

What a week!  We hope you’ve had as much fun celebrating with us as we’ve had.  But, we’re not quite done yet.

Today we’re cleaning out the closets and awarding some very special DEN Mystery Packs to a bunch of lucky STARs.

If you completed yesterday’s form, you’re already in the running.  If you didn’t have a chance to complete the form yesterday to tell us how you describe the DEN, go ahead and do that now.

We’ll start drawing names at 12 PM ET and give away some prizes every hour until 6 PM ET.


Kass Bates
Vicki Reed
Mary Orloski
Sherri Davidson
Janet Hallstrom
Dina Argumosa
Anna Heffernan
Velvet Holmes
Rhonda Miller
Jeanie Rogers
David Tchozewski
Jen Wagner
Randy Rogers
Fara Faust
Karen Bosch
Shannon Wentworth
Kelly Pankratz
Jerry McCoy
Charity Harbeck
Lisa Hughes

More to come!  Winners will be contacted via email to get shipping information.


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  1. Ann Marie Bishop said:

    Just a thank you for all you have done for us this week! DEN is amazing!!! (and no, I am not kissing up for a prize package!)

  2. Janette Smith said:

    Informative Interesting Inspirational

  3. Rachel Yurk said:

    Thanks for a great week DEN! You guys are awesome!

  4. Jeri Shumaker said:

    The DEN trainings are the best. I’ve attended many other workshops, conferences, etc. But EVERY Den workshop that I’ve attended were the best technology trainings I’ve ever gone to!

  5. Jeri Shumaker said:

    I’ve attended many technology workshops and conferences throughout Wisconsin. I will ALWAYS sign up for DEN workshops and they are the best!

  6. Shenninta Newman said:

    I have already posted on the form but I challange all the fellow Den Stars to give back to Discovery Education by simply doing the form. There are so many positive things to say about DEN but hopefully you can narrow it down to at least three. While i posted three things please note lance that…So Needed is the one I cling to the most because this network is such a positive thing that really is needed in this time of serving the digital natives that sit in our classrooms.

  7. Chad Segersten said:

    A resource warehouse to move learning!

  8. Rosei Parmigiani said:

    You have again provided resources for teachers that enhance the teaching and learning process. I salute you and thank you.

  9. Beth Weeks said:

    Filled out form yesterday! Crossing fingers for today!

  10. Dean Mantz said:

    Once again DEN steps to the plate! All of you are deserving of the DEN finger salute….wahoo!

  11. Janiece Smith said:

    Thank you for remembering us teachers, love the site!!!

  12. Mark Case said:

    this week has been full of GREAT gifts and prizes. I haven’t won any of the prizes, but I have taken advantage of all the free stuff!!!

    Love DE! The DEN is the best.

  13. Mary Ray said:

    Thanks so much DEN! You have really made us feel appreciated!

  14. Sarah Thompson said:

    Thanks DEN for an amazing TAW!

  15. Paula Jaenichen said:

    Great Resource! Interactive!

  16. Kristi Richburg said:

    Yeah Janet! Congratulations!

  17. Angela Batten said:

    A must have! Great resources!

  18. Ruth E Manlandro said:

    Thank You DEN for a great teacher appreciation week. What a wonderful resource for teachers.

  19. Pam Williams said:

    Thanks for all of the support, great products and freebies! You were the highlight of my week!

  20. Jeff Gentner said:

    Thanks for making Teacher Appreciation Week so special. I have learned so much from Discovery and it just keeps getting better! I attended two of Lance’s webinars this week and have already begun sharing PhotoPeach, Picnik, Wordle, Scoop.It and many other tools with my faculty. I am retiring from teaching this year but hope to remain active with Discovery and DEN in some way. Thanks again.

  21. Suzanne Wesp said:

    Even though I’m in Italy I have to check in with my favorite group – DEN!

  22. Susanne Hebner said:

    Thanks for all you do!! Been a great week!

  23. Susanne Hebner said:

    Thank you. Has been a wonderful week. What a wonderful resource for educators. THanks Discovery Ed.

  24. Lisa Burke said:

    Thank you for such an incredible week! I checked out many of the new things you posted on the appreciation pages and I can’t wait to use them in my classroom. You are the BEST DEN!!

  25. Kass Bates said:

    Thank you for all do to support teachers and students. You keep me motivated and provide a relied upon network of learning.

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