Consumer to Creator ~ The Student as Both the Learner & the Teacher: Matt Monjan Keynote #SSODOD2011

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The Educators’ Day of Discovery, Beyond the Textbook, began with Homeroom, Morning Announcements and a DiscoverySTREAMING overview, and then officially began with Matt Monjan’s keynote address.

Here’s the thumbnail sketch of Matt’s keynote:

Not only does today’s student want to be engaged through technology, media, and conversations at the same time, they also want to be able to instantly share their own content, ideas, and creativity with their peers and, in fact, the world. Our students have progressed beyond consumers of content to become producers and publishers. How do we, as educators, teach to someone who is technically proficient, and social media-minded? During this session we’ll explore different avenues in which the traditional model of learning is replaced with a challenge that requires students to draw on prior learning, acquire new knowledge, and tap their creativity to fashion solutions.

Matt opened his keynote by reminding us his presentation is available on Discovery Education. Industry, things you can use tomorrow, and something inspiring is the presentation flow today. Yesterday, technology was static; today’s age moves us from yesterday’s consumers to creators. Case in point: Matt’s son Ben at 2 years is adept at iPad. It’s his world and how he consumes and creates information; he makes his own content. A movie maker at 2, imagine teaching Ben in first grade. That seriously amps up how we as teachers learn and teach.

How much content is out there? Years ago we were amazed at finding a fact; today we have 1 trillion unique urls in 2008. Census data in 2009, 7 billion people exist; we are creating content. YouTube said 20 hours of video content was uploaded every minute in 2009. E-kids today spend 1:29 hours on computers but 1:51 on their portable computer cell phones. From the Pew Institute, we learn that an amazing number of people use their cell phones. We are “learning to change and changing to learn from our students creations.

Matt segued into using DE Streaming content to address different levels of learners, beginning with music created by Lodge McCammon, DEs Fizz Man, and then moved moved to dance video. It’s about creating content with audio and imagery. You can use an image and then add a sound to tell a story. We used PollDaddy to poll our audience using our cell phones, another powerful way to engage students using the tools in their pocket.

This past week was DEN Teacher Appreciation Week and what a week it was. One of our gifts was Photo Peach, and Matt showed us a really wonderful easy beesy way to build out digital storytelling in an instant. You can also add a quiz for the end of your movie. A very cool tool and if you are not a DEN STAR, you really want to join our organization to stay just a tad beyond the cutting edge. PhotoPeach is a flexible tool that really lets your students create awesome videos.

JayCut is an online video editor; you can cut/paste, add video, use chromakey, and make amazing videos with a built-in green screen. We went really interactive with the audience with this tool. Two set designers, actors, green screen holders–all to make a shark movie. If you haven’t tried JayCut, just do it–very intuitive tool.

But it’s not enough for students to be creators. We need to connect to the world. Rock Our World from Carolyn McGuire is an amazing example of a flat classroom. But we need to create an ethical conscience in our students, and Siemens We Can Change the World is a great place to begin.

Matt left us with a new way for students to apply to colleges; Tufts now requests a one-minute video on why they should accept you. Talk about putting your life concentrated into a one-minute film. Amazing. It’s about Engage, Transform, Achieve.

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