If the world were a village . . . where would technology fit in?

We, who are reading this blog, are so very privileged.  I think we can all benefit form being reminded of that from time to time.  We have so very much to appreciate!!!  Please take 3 minutes to watch: If the world were 100 people – updated 2010.

The following book is a great picture book for kids or anyone on this topic.  It is titled: If the World Were a Village second edition by David J Smith 2011. Among the many facts in the book is that only twenty-two people in the global village of 100 people own a computer. Each double-page, picture-book spread relates a few consciousness-raising facts about such topics as nationalities, food, language, and religion.  It is a great read and can lead to wonderful discussions with the children in your life.

Your may wonder what possessions do the 100 villagers have in this representation of a global village.  In this village there are:

50 radios

45 televisions

92 telephones (more than 60 60 are cell phones)

22 computers

2 trucks

10 automobiles and

16 bicycles  (page 22 of If the World Were a Village, 2011)

Note: In the first edition of this book which was published in 2002 there were only 7 people who owned computers of the representative 100.  Times are a changing.  Technology is and and will continue to be a big part of the world.