The Best Technology Masters Program!

Inspiring, Energizing, and Practical!
Have you been looking for ways to keep up with the rapidly changing environment of teaching in the 21st century? Are you searching for ways to engage your tech savvy students, motivating them by incorporating technology resources into your lessons and curriculum? You are already a forward thinking educator by being a member of the DEN community, reading the blogs, and joining the many wonderful webinars. Would you like to “kick it up a notch?” Then the Master of Science Degree in Instructional Media offered by Discovery Education and Wilkes University is for you!

It has been my pleasure to be a student in the Instructional Media Program for the past two years. I just completed the last of my classes and want to encourage you to take a look at this inspiring, energizing, and practical program. The courses are designed by leaders in educational technology and the content applies to local, state, and federal initiatives in education to meet the needs of 21st century learners. The world is changing, and it is crucial for our students to have the skills and knowledge to be competitive in the global workforce. The Instructional Media program’s coursework is focused on taking educational theory, technology resources, and pedagogy and applying them to produce real products and lessons to use in the classroom in powerful and practical ways.

The Instructional Media program is completely online. I admit I was a bit cautious about taking all of my classes online. Would I learn as much as participating in face to face courses? How would I get to know my instructor and classmates? I learned as much as or more than I have in any face to face graduate class I have taken. Through the discussion forums the courses become very interactive. I got to know many of my classmates well, and some have become friends. My professional learning network has grown and now includes teachers from around the USA and the world. The instructors are very accessible and provide many ways to contact them. The courses use text, multimedia, discussions, projects, and more to develop a deep understanding of the topics. My classes were interesting, engaging, and inspiring. I have learned so much, and my students have benefited from my new skills and knowledge.
If you would like to learn more about this great graduate degree program click on the link below.


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