Be A DEN Guide for Geocaching Day

DEN Geocaching Day is scheduled for May 21. We already have a number locations with fabulous DEN STARs signed up to be guides. If you’re interested in serving as a DEN Guide for Geocaching Day, be sure to sign up here by Wednesday (tomorrow!) Remember you have to be a STAR Discovery Educator to be a guide.

For groups that register (i.e., those that have a DEN guide to lead them and have filled out the short form), we will help you out with lunch and send a special DEN geocoin your way.

Want to know if there’s an event in your area? Here’s the list. Contact the DEN Guide for more information!

Not quite sure what this whole geocaching thing is all about? Check out these resources:

From the PA DEN Blog- Geocaching: “The Sport Where You Are The Search Engine”

Geocaching 101
Resources from STAR Jim Clark
Resources from STAR Bridget Belardi

Curricular Connections of Geocaching
Presentation by STAR Conni Mulligan

Webinar from 2011 Spring Virt Con


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