Educational Spaces

The physical layout of our classrooms and libraries can play a large part in creating a positive learning environment.  We often get ideas about how to arrange our classrooms and libraries from colleagues, taking a peek inside their learning space.  Wouldn’t it be great to take a peek inside the rooms of colleagues outside of our own schools?  More specifically, cool library spaces?  Here’s your opportunity.  Hey, I’m a library media specialist, so I’m heading down that path.  I’m interested in putting together a gallery of photos of fantastic library spaces.  I’d love your help in the process.  Beyond getting ideas for new displays, reading corners, and other interesting library spaces, contributing a photo to the gallery would put you in the running for a fantastic grand prize in a contest I’m running.  Here are the requirements.

  • All photos must be uploaded to Flickr and tagged “librarym90z”
  • In the description of the photo, please include the name of the library and the location.
  • State what you think is so special about the photo.
  • To be eligible for the computer, photos must be posted between May 11 and May 15.

If you want to read more posts about the contest, you can do so here, here, and here.


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