Online learning is an international phenomenon

In the Washington Post article by Renee Hawkins on Friday May 13 she clearly states that ‘online learning is an international phenomenon” and backs up this claim with facts such as the following:

• Turkey now has 15 million K-12 students learning online.

• South Korea has started a national virtual school.

• The Middle East has begun contracting online content worldwide so their students can have access to the best online courses.

• India launched a program to scale up high quality K-12 online education in 10 years.

• Australia is taking advantage of their 1:1 laptop initiative and looking to bring distance education to scale.

• China already has its entire curriculum online and is now in the process of training master teachers to teach online with a 10-year goal to have 100 million K-12 students learning online.

• Singapore has 100% of all secondary schools offering a blended (virtual plus face-to-face) and online learning curriculum – and all teachers are trained to teach in this manner.

As an American and as a retired school administrator this information inspires me to want to be be helping more American students increase and enhance their learning through and with technology.  I truly believe it is time for America to take bigger steps in the direction of integrating more technology into the learning of all of our students.  To read the complete Washington Post article, please click here.



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