Wisconsin Apple Store iPad 2 Event

On Saturday, May 14, nearly 30 educators attended a 2 hour iPad2 event at the Apple Store in Madison, WI from 8:00-10:001 a.m..  To kick off the event, each participant received a cool Discovery Educator notebook, and an Apple Field Trip t-shirt.

After introductions, we divided into three groups of 10 and were treated to a hands on session on the new iPad2.  With over 250,000+ applications to choose from, it wasn’t difficult to find the gems that would be incredible to use in the classroom.  We had so much fun and learned a ton about the iPad2 as well as many app.  And since the new iPad2 also takes video footage, each participant had a chance to take some footage and learn how to send it directly to YouTube, e-mail, etc.

After the hands on presentation, DEN Leadership Council member Deb Donley presented the Discovery Application as well as the U.S. Geography by Discovery Education Application. You could see everyone’s eyes light up when they saw the Discovery Planet Earth videos on the iPad as well as the U.S. Geography app.

This event was considered an Educator Field trip to the Apple Store, and since we were the first group of the year, we thought we would make it official and take a group photo.   Did you know that you can take your students on field trips to the Apple Store?  They do awesome workshops on a variety of topics for students as well.

The two hours flew by and before you knew it, it was time to say our goodbyes!  A special thank you to Discovery Education for sponsoring these wonderful events that help educators network, collaborate and learn about really cool tools that can help all students learn!

More pictures from the event can be found here.