Welcome to Cache and Cookies!

Welcome to *Cache and Cookies, the Discovery Education Support Team’s blog!

The DE Support Team is the group of individuals that answers your phone calls and emails (yes, that is a real person you are talking to) when you reach out to Discovery Education with a question or comment.  We are here to answer any questions you may have and to support you as you use DE; from forgotten usernames, trouble downloading a video segment, and of course, transferring you to your sales rep.

We created this blog as a way to reach out to the educators that are utilizing DE resources in their classroom every day and the administrators that support them.  We hope that this blog will help you more easily and deeply integrate DE into your daily routine.

Here are some examples of what you can expect to see on a weekly basis :

–   Weekly tech tips to help you learn something new about using Discovery Education in your classroom.

–   Question of the day; the team will share and answer a question that we are receiving regularly.

–   Team members’ favorite videos that you might also love to use!

–   Upcoming FREE professional development webinars and what is new in contests or sweepstakes!

Be sure to check our future post for an introduction to some of the characters below on the level one team!

*In case you were wondering why this blog is titled “Cache and Cookies” here is a brief description about what it means to us on tech support :

Cookies must be enabled on your web browser to be able to login. When the website returns to the login screen continuously, it is normally because your web browser or network hardware is caching the Discovery Education website.

A webpage caches when it is stored locally or on the network for quicker future access. In order to ensure access to our site, you may need to clear cookies and temporary internet files.