3rd Annual DENny Awards

The 3rd annual DENny Awards were held last night with much fanfare. The blue carpet was rolled out, and everyone was dressed in their finest! What an event it was! The DENny Awards event is one of our most favorite events of the year because it is a night dedicated to recognizing outstanding members of the DEN community.

In case you missed the event last night, here’s the archive as well as the list of DENny Award recipients.

Most Creative DEN Event
» Museum Night with the Stars- MD
» DEN Learning Carnival @CUE – CA
» DEN Workshop at Balloon Launch– ME
» DE and iPad– WI, TX, TN
» AmeriDEN Idol– SC
» The DEN Does Jazz- MO
» Discover Your Heroes– KS
» Staples BTS- NJ, TX, CT, OH

Best Individual Blogger
(The RJ Stangherlin)

» RJ Stangherlin (PA)
» Jerry Jennings (Admin Academy)
» Robin Talkowski (MA)
» Kelly Hines (NC)
» David Andrade (CT)
» Monique Liles (GA)
» Eric Strommer (MI)
» Chad Lehman (WI)

PL-DEN Award
» Elaine Plybon (TX)
» Fred Delventhal (MD)
» Howard Martin (TX)
» Tim Childers (TN)
» Christine Southard (NY)
» Kim Caise (TX)
» Selena Ward (MD)

» Tony Spittell (CA)
» Joli Brock (TX)
» Tonya Wilson (NJ)
» Howard Gunther (CT)
» Charlene Chausis (IL)
» Carolyn Rains (AL)
» Shenninta Newman (MD)

Leadership Award
» Vickie Lamb (MO)
» Mike Gorman (IN)
» Pattie Morton (GA)
» Amy Dent (SC)
» Susan Tompkins (LA)
» Jeannine Shields (NY)

Community Choice Awards
» Willingness to Serve Award- Melinda Tilley (KS)
» Integration Rock Star- Lea Anne Daughrity (TX)
» Best Use of A Snow Day Award- Vickie Lamb, Cathy Mulligan (MO)
» Video Integration Ambassador- David Fisher (FL)
» Best “Assistive” DEN STAR- Deb Donley (WI)


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  1. Carol Mayo said:

    Congratulations to all of the winners, especially those from the Lone Star State

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