Georgia Supreme Court Says Charter School Law Unconstitutional

On Monday, May 16,2011, in a 4-3 ruling the Georgia Supreme Court overturned the Georgia Charter Schools Commission Act. This controversial act allowed the commission to create and fund charter schools over the objections of local school boards. The local school boards are given exclusive control of K-12 education and schools by the state constitution. Commission charter schools were deemed to be duplicating efforts and competing with services provided by local school boards. Atlanta, Gwinnett, DeKalb, Henry, Griffin-Spalding, Bulloch and Candler school districts filed a lawsuit against the Charter Schools Commission. The claim was that the commission broke the law by diverting millions of dollars of local tax dollars to commission created charter schools without the approval of local taxpayers. For more information on this landmark ruling on school finance in Georgia read the attached Georgia Supreme Court ruling obtained from on May, 18, 2011. Download the opinion here: s10a1773


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