Day of Discovery, Syracuse NY

On May 14 2011, I traveled up to Syracuse NY for my first Day of Discovery experience.  Day of Discovery is one of the events held by Discovery Education to share new ways on how to utilize and implement our website into the classroom.

Typically, the Tech Support Team usually answers phones and responds to emails from our customers, but this was an great opportunity to  meet our teachers and see exactly how teachers were using our website.

I was sent to represent our Customer and Technical Support Team and was asked to host a session at the Day of Discovery event about our Administrative site for Discovery Education.

Upon arriving to the Day of Discovery, I found the Keynote speaker of the event was Danny Forster from the Science Channel show Build It Bigger, who had an amazing presentation of how different structures were designed based off of key environmental factors.

Starstruck,  I was sure to shake hands, quickly chat and obtain an autograph from Danny Forster, which I will clearly cherish forever.

After having lunch and conversing with some of the teachers that were attending the event, it was time for my big presentation of the Administrative site for Discovery Education.

This would be a face to face contact between DE Tech Support and the Admins for our schools; My one chance to share my vast knowledge and expertise to our educators.

I was also able to hop into another session and watch our DEN team do their magic of bringing new life to Discovery Education.

All in all how was the event?

1. I got to get hands-on with preparing one of the fantastic events held by Discovery Education.

2. I met Danny Forster from Build It Bigger!

3. Checking out the awesome session hosted by our DEN team.

4.  I had a chance to talk to some of the educators and put a face to the calls and emails we receive day in and day out.

I would have to say I was very happy to be able to attend the event and hope to go again in the future!

As always, if you ever have any questions or need any assistance, please contact our Tech Support Team at 1 800 323 9084 or at 100% Human Beings. No Robots.