Words that might project learning into the future

Recently I saw a DeWitt Jones video on creativity and the power that comes when people celebrate what is right with the world.  It was inspiring.  As I reflect – I find myself both full of dreams for the future and appreciation for the present. And as an educator – my thoughts are about improving student learning for all.

I suggest that as we dream about future learning possibilities for all our students and how that learning can be enhanced and enriched through technology – that we stand today, in 2011, upon a foundation of the fruitful accomplishments of educators who have brought us to this point of potential for continued positive integration of technology into authentic learning.

What follows is my “word collage” stimulated in large part by DeWitt Jones’ work and words.  I hope you enjoy.


When We Serve, We Serve

When I celebrate, I celebrate

Change is my ally

Times of change hold possibilities

Reframe the problem

When the vision is clear then passion and creativity will be there as well

Do we choose to see possibilities?

Everyday creativity

Focusing on the best for the world

Perception controls reality

What is right with this situation?

Growth Edges

Edges of Growth

I won’t see it until I believe it

Build a vision of possibility not scarcity

Be open to possibilities

Break the patterns in our lives

Break the patterns in our work

Break the patterns in our problem solving

Explore opportunities

Focus on significance

Learn from mistakes

Live with uncertainly, because times are uncertain

Act with confidence

Train your technique

Put ourselves in the place of most potential

Make your own day

Build a vision of possibility not scarcity

The future is an opportunity

Times of change hold Possibilities

Move toward the Common Good

Success in the world and success for the world

When I celebrate, I celebrate

When I serve, I serve

When we serve, we serve

Image by Hryck via flicker.