A New Angle

I know you’ve seen them, those panoramic images on Google Earth, shot on the streets of major cities around the world.
And now (soon – June) you can shoot your own with an iPhone 4 and this little camera affectionately called Dot360.

Gotta wonder what’s gonna happen when this gets into the hands of science teachers and their students, or drama teachers, or foreign language pen pals. Family photos and school yearbooks are never going to be the same.

And for companies with video in their DNA like Discovery, this could be really big. Imagine riding in a car and seeing forward and back at any time. and hopefully NOT WHILE DRIVING!

Maybe it’s better if you watch the video an decide what you’d do with this, and then figure out where you can quickly find $98.

Here’s the link just in case.


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  1. Google Earth said:

    I have to say the fact that you can make your own panoramic images with iPhone 4 it’s really awesome. I have watched the video and it’s really interesting. Thanks a lot for sharing.

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