Meet some more members of the DE Support Team!

Waiting for more introductions to the of the team? Well, you are in luck!

Here are more team intros, including the Level Two Support team.

Level Two, as described by Michael Huaraca (DE Support, Level Two) : “The level 2 is a [group of] highly trained super operatives whose life-threatening missions ensure that customers’ computers aren’t threatened.  Their muscles are only overshadowed by their brainpower which is only – in turn – overshadowed by their overall awesomeness.”

More specifically, Level Two works with customers to troubleshoot video delivery issues, network management as well as local server issues, single sign on or pretty much anything else that is out of Level One scope.

Get to know the rest of the team :

Payal Gulia

Payal is a customer focused and driven member who wants to get it right every single time – hah wishful thinking!!! A geek with an IT background she wants to see the Customer and Technical Support team be the best in business and talked about for all the good reasons.

  1. Favorite vending machine snack? Trail mix or 1ST Degree burn Doritos (they are spiccyyyyy!!).
  2. Favorite DCI show? Mythbusters.
  3. Most looking forward to?  Visiting my parents.
  4. Best book you have read in the last year? “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” series by Steig Larsson.
  5. Last movie you saw in theaters? Eclipse.

Craig Halper

Currently responsible for customer operations and product strategy for new technology platforms, Craig joined Discovery Education eons ago as a manager on the Implementation team.  When not at work, he is likely to be found chasing his twins, a soccer ball, or his twins and a soccer ball.

  1. Favorite DE video?  Let’s Give Kitty a Bath or any of the Mythbusters content.
  2. Most embarrassing moment of your first day of working at Discovery?  My first day here wasn’t so bad, but my first day at a previous job was spent in the hospital recovering from an appendectomy.
  3. Most looking forward to? Summer and hanging out at the beach with my kids.
  4. Favorite Halloween costume?  I was once a (homemade) 168x replica of a Milky Way bar.
  5. Celebrity to play you in a movie?  Mark Ruffalo – a co-worker at Discovery pointed out the resemblance years ago.

Michael Huarca

Michael H. has been with the support team for almost a year.  Aside from his computer networking skills, Michael also has the uncanny ability to consistently tell Coca-Cola from other colas in blind taste tests.

  1. Favorite sport to watch on TV? NBA. Specifically any game where someone is beating the Lakers, or just watching Steve Nash play.
  2. Most looking forward to? I always look forward to eating Papa Johns on Sunday nights.
  3. Favorite Holiday? My favorite Holiday is Thanksgiving because the food is always good wherever you go.
  4. Hobby? I have many, but my current favorite is learning how to use Adobe Illustrator.
  5. Favorite website? Youtube is my favorite because I have found great music at random times.

Karen Sanders

Karen is the newest member of the Discovery Education Support team and already likes to think that she’s in charge.  She has over 10 years of Customer service experience in both the education and the life sciences industries and likes to spend her free time with her family.

  1. Favorite vending machine snack? Cherry Coke & anything with chocolate
  2. Favorite DCI show?  Deadliest Catch
  3. Most recent Facebook status update? At the Phillies game with Geoff.  Go Phils!
  4. Favorite Halloween costume? American Gladiators
  5. Favorite part of your day? Walking in the door to the sound of “Mommy” and dinner on the table.

Michael Vargas

Michael graduated from Vanderbilt University and has been working for Discovery Education since 2005.
When not chained to his computer, he is an amateur musician, athlete, and chef.

  1. Favorite DCI show? Hoarding: Buried Alive.  It makes me feel better about my clutter.
  2. Most embarrassing moment of your first day of working at Discovery? I accidentally parked my moped in the CEO’s spot and was quickly approached by security.
  3. Hobby? Recreational sports.
  4. Favorite part of your day? 9 AM when the work day starts. WOOHOO!
  5. Favorite place you have visited.  New Orleans.

Pierre Walters

Pierre has been with Discovery Education for the past 4 years and is extremely excited to see the technological advancements in today’s classroom.  He is thrilled to have a front row seat, to the digital revolution in our education industry.

  1. Favorite DE video?  Human Body: Pushing the Limits (Series)
  2. Most embarrassing moment of your first day of working at Discovery? A client expressed that her poodle was also named Pierre. Pretty hilarious stuff!
  3. Most looking forward to? My daughter’s 1st birthday.
  4. Hobby? Biking
  5. Best book you have read in the last year? Life by Keith Richards