Favorite Video – World’s Best: Magnificent Beasts

A common question I get asked is “Chris, what is one of your favorite videos within Discovery Education Streaming?”

One of my personal top videos would be World’s Best: Magnificent Beasts which counts down the top 10 places to see the most magnificent animals in that area, including : Siberia, Africa and the US National Parks.

As a HUGE animal lover, I love watching footage of wild animals and seeing what makes them awesome; from watching killer whales hunt seals off the beach or the most dangerous animal of Africa, the Hippo!

The animals shown in this video are simply amazing, however, this is not the best part of the video. Without a doubt the best part is the narrator, speaking with an exuberant voice that accentuates the mystique of all the animals portrayed.

All in all, fantastic animal footage and a cool sounding narrator make this video one of my favorites.


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