The Rest of the Team!

The DE Support team wouldn’t be complete without our last group of members. Now it’s your turn — feel free to leave us a fun fact about yourself!!

Melissa DeJesus

Melissa came to Discovery during the Clearvue acquisition to work her magical customer service skills.  When not at work she enjoys hanging out with her friends, family, and the love of her life, her pug, Snuggles.

  1. Guilty pleasure? Nail polish.
  2. Favorite Website?
  3. Most looking forward to? My mini vacation with my mommy and my bestie in July.
  4. Favorite DCI Show? Cash Cab (New York) Ben Bailey is the bees knees!
  5. Favorite part of the day? I have two actually, one is having my daily chats with Bill Smallwood and two is going home and cuddling with Snuggles.

Kelli Vickers Gay

KVG, as she is affectionately called by most, has been with Discovery Education for 4 years.  She has over 10 years of Project Management experience but more importantly, she has 35 years experience at being a Fashion Diva, LOL.   She’s a graduate of both Tuskegee University and Auburn University, GO WAR EAGLE!!!!!!!!! When not at work she can be found  yelling on the sidelines of her 4year old’s soccer game , with her 10 month old in one hand and a blow horn in the other.

  1. Favorite sport to watch on TV? NBA Basketball (the Heats’ going all the way, BABY!!!!!).
  2. Most looking forward to? My youngest’s first birthday in June!
  3. Hobby? Nagging the heck out of my husband (just joking!), I actually love to scrap book.
  4. Last movie you saw in theaters? Rio (I only get to see kids’ flicks these days).
  5. Guilty Pleasure? Shopping (I have a thing for shoes).

Brad Walse

Brad’s role as an Account Manager has him dealing with many of our large customers and statewide partners.  Some of these partner relationships date back to 2003 when he started working with unitedstreaming, as it was known in those days.

  1. Favorite DE video? David Macaulay:Castle. Proving that the book isn’t always better than the movie?
  2. Favorite sport to watch on TV? My couch…Oh sport… World Cup soccer.
  3. Favorite DCI show? SHARK WEEK.
  4. Most looking forward to? My son completing his potty training.
  5. Hobby? Scuba diving and gardening.

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