10. Discovery Streaming and…..


Summertime can be a great time to think, evaluate, plan your technology use for next year.  My motto for the students is “Thinking is good!”  and that goes for educators also.  

A few suggestions for Discovery and summertime:

1. Evaluate what worked and what didn’t.  Make adjustments where needed. 

2.  Look for lessons that could use a little zip-a-dee-doo-da from Discovery and work on tweaking them.  Find your resources and start saving them to My Content in folders labeled with the unit/lesson topic

3.  If you are part of a team, work together to build My Content folders, then send in share request (notify your share administrator if you do please) and save your TEAMWORK to the School or District Content for all to use next year

4.  This goes for creating Assignments, Writing Prompts  and Quizzes in the My Builder tools also.   This can be particularly useful for topics that often need reteaching or enrichment.  Differentiated Learning at your fingertips!

5.  Keep up with Discovery and the DEN by checking in regularly to see what’s new.

6.  Got some really great lessons?  Add them to the Educator Resources in the DEN so others can use them

7. Check out posts from the DEN Summer Institute in July.

Don’t let your brain go (entirely) on vacation this summer.  Thinking is good, folks, especially when it involves Discovery Education and the DEN!