Pictures of Space Shuttle Endeavour Docked at International Space Station

NASA has just released a photo gallery of some of the most amazing pictures you will ever see.  On May 23 Astronaut Paolo Nespoli took a series of photographs from a Soyuz space capsule as he, Russian Cosmonaut Dmitry Kondratyev, and American Astronaut Cady Coleman were departing the International Space Station and returning to earth.  These are the only photos ever taken of a shuttle while it was docked at the space station.  With only one shuttle mission remaining, it is very likely these are the only ones that will ever be taken.  As a twelve year old, I can remember watching the Apollo missions, and especially the moon landings, with overwhelming awe.  These many years later I am still fascinated by space travel and especially enjoy watching the beauty of a shuttle landing.  To see, and enjoy, the entire collection click here.


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