LearnBoost – free online grade book and lesson planner and more

by David Andrade, http://tinyurl.com/edtechguy

LearnBoost is an online grade book and lesson planner that is available for free to educators. It has a grade book, lesson planner, attendance, reporting and calendar. It is easy to use, visually appealing, and you can share information with students and parents. The lesson planner is integrated with state standards and you integrate the whole system with Google Apps.

The grade book has easy inputs, real-time stats, grading scales and weighted assignments.

The lesson planner makes it easy to create new lesson plans, align them with state standards and keep all your materials in one place. You can attach files and pictures, create assessments, and comment in the reflection section so you remember what you want to change for next time.


You can easily take attendance using a visual seating chart or list and quickly check student attendance history and records.


It allows you to easily create reports on classroom and student data so you can make decisions based on student data.


Parents and students can have read access to view their progress.

The seating charts are visual and dynamic so you can try out different arrangements.

Dynamic seating

You can also use it for scheduling and creating calendars and integrate it with Google Apps for Education.

Flexible schedules Integrated calendars Google apps for education

They also have a blog where they discuss education technology, ed reform, policy, strategies and best practices, product releases, technology and tips for using LearnBoost.

This is a great tool for teachers to use and it’s free! It is full featured and easy to use.


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  1. Courtney Blair said:

    I am a new teacher, and for my internship last year I used Engrade, a free, online grade book, probably similar to LearnBoost. I liked using Engrade better than the traditional grade books, but I have not utilized other online grade books to compare to Engrade. I was going to continue to use Engrade for the next school year, but your LearnBoost blog is making me rethink my decision. LearnBoost looks like it has several helpful features that Engrade does not have yet. Would you suggest that I use LearnBoost instead of Engrade? What other online grade books have you tried?

  2. David Andrade said:


    I’ve used Engrade too. Learnboost is more powerful and does more than just a grade book.

    Our district purchase PowerSchool which is pretty good too.

  3. Belly said:

    I am a pre-service teacher and we are required to one of my subject to make a grade book. I might use this in making my first grade book.

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