Things I Know You Must Read

Usually, this portion of the Wisconsin DEN blog is titled “Things I Think You Should Read.”  I’m changing that just a little this time.  I’ve come across a few blog posts recently that I think are ABSOLUTE MUST reads for all educators.  You might have seen these already, but if you haven’t I think you will not find these pieces a waste of your time.

In What Other Profession – by David Reber.  Until recently, I thought this was a new post, but I was wrong.  It’s actually from August of 2010.

Dear Texas Legislators – by Carolyn Foote.  We should all be sending this to our legislators as they continue to harm education.

When Adults Are Bullies – posted by Chris Wejr.  ALL educators need to read this and keep this in mind when interacting with their colleagues.  Wow.


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