Trust me on this one!

Please watch this short (a little over a minute) video.  It is an awareness test.

Maybe after you watch it once you will want to watch it again.  I know I wanted to do this.

Enjoy!   Please click here.   AND please watch the video before reading the rest of this post.

A person can and often does totally wrongly perceive something that is clearly in front of them

This is a short video that I found provocative.

I certainly did not see everything that was going on.  Not even a glimpse of it – even though it was on the very screen I was intently focused on for several seconds.

Did you notice that it was produce by a British cycling group?  My understanding is that this video ran on British TV as an aid to help drivers be more aware of bicyclists who might be on the road.

What did the  video get you thinking about?

If the first half of the video was all I saw, I would have been pretty darn sure that there was no Moonwalking Bear in the video. And of course I would have been totally wrong.

The video got me thinking about how a person can and often does totally wrongly perceive something that is clearly in front of them.  Parents can miss what is going on with their children, employers can ‘not see’ the situation that is developing with employees, and a person of one race can see only things that fit with his or her view of that race in relationship to other races.  A teacher can be so focused on the test scores that he or she misses that the learners are not excited about learning.

Magicians tend to get us to pay close attention to something so they can keep us from seeing something else. Some would say politicians try to provide us with a ‘frame’ to view a situation through – so we see it in a certain way and from a certain perspective.

I guess the video humbled me to again remember that what I see depends, in part, on what I want to see.  What I see also depends on what understand – what prior knowledge I have.  And, what I see is possibly only part of what is ‘seeable’.  (I think I just made-up ‘seeable’.)

I think I want to think some more about this experience.  I think it is a learning opportunity for me.

One series of ‘connected opportunities’ that may be ‘right in front’ of all educators, is the vast and rich potential for learning that technology offers.  I think we – school leaders, teachers and society in general – tend to see that potential through the lens of “counting the passes of the white team”.  We really need to stop looking through the status quo and start to look through the lens of our most powerful dreams of what learning could and should be for each and every learner.

That is one man’s opinion . . .  What do you think?


Imagine by Valerie Everett via flickr


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  1. Techy Nana said:

    I saw this video a few months ago. While it made me think, you put my thoughts into words as I could bot. Thanks, Jerry!

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