Tech Tip of the Week: Looping back to a blank login screen when you try to log on?

Most of us understand the message “Incorrect Username and/or Password” when we accidentally mistype our login information, but what on earth do we do if the Username and Password fields simply go blank when we try and login?

What is going on?

This problem is what we call caching; it’s your computer’s way of trying to remember what our website looks like to load the site faster the next time you visit.

However, sometimes the old cache and cookie files may cause the site to not respond properly when trying to login.

How can we remedy this problem?

The first step to troubleshoot this issue is to clear out your web browser’s cache and cookies. Depending on what web browser you are using, the instructions on how to clear the cache may differ and can be found in the link from our Help site.

I’ve cleared cache and cookies, and the problem still persists. What now?

If the problem is still present once you clear your web browser’s cache and cookies, the caching may be occurring on your school’s network. When this occurs it is quite possible for one computer within the school to function perfectly fine, and another computer to experience the blank login screen.

At this point we would advise providing the tech folks at your school the Firewall and Filter Exclusions list, also found in the help section.

I have informed my tech folks about the firewall and filter exclusions, what can I do in the meantime?

The bad news is if your schools network is caching our website, then you will not be able to use your current computer’s web browser to log into our site. The good news is you can download a second browser to use while your tech folks are correcting the issue. A great secondary browser we would recommend would be Mozilla Firefox, which is a free web browser you can use as a backup if you ever run into any issues.

Of course if you need any additional help with troubleshooting this issue, you are always welcome to contact our Tech Support Team at or at  1 800 323 9084. 100% Real Human Beings. No robots!