Science Techbook Model Lesson Presentation

Last week, the Support team was invited to a demonstration of how to use the Discovery Education Science Techbook in an active classroom environment, presented by Patti Duncan.

The class began with a few assessment questions about the topic for the day, “Sound, Pitch and Volume”.  All of us “students” were surprisingly silent, but once teams were divided up and the activities began, everyone became much livelier.  Who knew goggles and rubber bands were the perfect mid-morning break?

All participants walked around the classroom to stations, each including Science Techbook content.  At the first station students were introduced to the topic with interactive glossary terms and a video segment through a student center account.

We then floated to station two and explored different pitch on a class Smart Board with interactive audio clips.

The third station included reading an article and answering corresponding questions.

But most importantly, at the last two stations, we got to play! We were provided goggles to protect us from water (but only in or around our eyes, for obvious reasons) and then, once again abiding by safety guidelines, we could distribute water into multiple glass Snapple bottles to change the pitch of each glass and even play a little tune.

At the final and most dangerous station, students strummed rubber bands of different width and size to determine the differences in pitch and sound.  Overall, Patti’s presentation was not only a lot of fun but also a perfect demonstration of how the Techbook product can be utilized in a classroom by incorporating all types of learning styles!