Alabama DEN Team Rocked McWane’s World!

Alabama’s DEN STARS had time to meet and share ideas Wednesday, June 16th, when many were in Birmingham attending the Alabama Technology Education Conference.  The event, called “McWane’s World Rocks the Stars,” was held at the McWane Science Center, a popular hands-on science center located close to the conference’s downtown meeting place.  A delightful and cool place to rest and chat was graciously provided by the McWane Center, and delicious food prepared by its staff was provided for the attendees by DEN.  The meeting was held in an incredible area which had been made ready for a “Harry Potter Camp” coming the following week. Needless to say, the attending  educators could only imagine what their students’ reactions would have been if they had they seen the incredible set up, complete with sorting hat,  larger than life posters, sinister-looking potions, etc!

It was an extra treat to have Derek Woods, the Discovery Education Assessment Representative in attendance.  Also an appearance was made by Lance Rougeaux, via video, to share the some of the many reasons to be involved with the DEN for some of its newest members.

Others shared about how supportive and innovative the DEN is to educators.

It was a great break from the long day of conference meetings and a delightful time to experience some great southern DEN hospitality.  A huge thanks to the wonderful McWane Science Center for the privilege of using their incredible facility!  This is a must-see resource for all Alabama educators to consider when looking for a field trip adventure!

Written by Janet Brolund


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