Mike Bryant

Mike Bryant, Director Instructional Implementation

Mike Bryant

Hey everybody. My name is Mike Bryant and I’m thrilled to have joined the Instructional Implementation side of the Discovery Educator Network.  Like Brad Fountain, who introduced himself yesterday, I am the other Director of Instructional Implementation for the Discovery Education Science Techbook.  I’ve been with Discovery Education for almost 6 years and am based out of our Chicago office. Before moving over to the instructional team, I had the privilege to work with an amazing group of educators here in the Midwest as a Discovery Educator Network Manager.

My education career started in Florida as a high school Biology and Chemistry teacher, leading 21st Century Community Learning programs just prior to joining Discovery.

I am married to the woman of my dreams and we have two wonderful children, a guinea pig (Buttercup) and a horse (Show name:”Something Completely Different”/ Monty for short).

I, along with the rest of the team, will be contributing to the Science portion of the Discovery Educator Network blog and we’ve got some really cool topics on the horizon.  I won’t weigh your minds down with the gravity of it all, but we’ll definitely tap your curiosity.



  1. Stephanie Madlinger said:

    Congratulations Mike. The MO DEN will miss you.

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