Tech Tip of the Week: View videos in full screen

Have you ever wondered how to make your video full screen? Here is how it works for Discovery Education!

The full screen video playback is only available when using Windows Media Player, QuickTime 7.4.4 or higher, or QuickTime Pro in Internet Explorer.  It is not supported by the older versions of QuickTime.

To enable full screen playback in the Embedded Media Player in Internet Explorer (where the video plays directly on the webpage), click on the Full Screen icon located at the bottom of the player.

If you are not an Internet Explorer user and are using Mozilla Firefox, you will want to play the video with Windows Media Player, right-click (Ctrl+click for Mac) the video, select Zoom, and then select Full Screen.

For more instruction, please access our help site.  Also, keep in mind that viewing the video in full screen will not affect the resolution, therefore, the image may appear to be less clear on a larger scale.



  1. Bill Langston said:

    After a few minutes video reverts to small screen. What do I need to change in settings to hold full screen image.

    • Bob Haas said:

      Yes, as per above my video reverts back to small screen. This happens many times during a streaming movie….

  2. Bill Langston said:

    Image reverts to small screen after a few minutes. What do I change in settings so that it stays on full screen?

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