Back to School : Overview of new features for 2011!

Every year our wonderful Product Development and User Interface teams work around the clock to revamp the DE website, which we aptly call our BTS (Back-to-School) release.  We release these upgrades in July which is why the website can look different when teachers are dusting off their computers and remembering their passwords in September.  Sometimes, the changes are purely cosmetic to make features easier to navigate; other times we add completely new tools, and some simply evolve into something grander.

It is a year-round effort to compile all of the user feedback, develop the features, perform beta testing with customers, and then polish everything before the July release.  The most important part being, in my humble opinion, the feedback from our users.  The Customer and Technical Support team receives hundreds if not thousands of emails and calls from users that provide feedback on both functionality and visual pleasantries, and they do not go unheard.  You may even notice something that you suggested in our next BTS release, which you can preview now if you haven’t already noticed the purple bar across the top of the website.

So what exactly has changed and evolved on the website?

For Admins:

  • Updated user management and import systems
  • Classroom Management for Admins

For Teachers:

  • Classroom Manager allows teachers  to create and maintain classes
  • Assignment Manager allows teachers to view assignment results by class, student, or URL
  • Teachers can now create multiple student accounts at one time

For Students:

  • Revamped landing page that is more student-friendly
  • Customized themes
  • Visual browsing by grade and subject
  • Help articles and videos tailored for students

With a little bit of clicking and playing around in the new site, teachers will be comfortable with it in no time.  For those with a fear complex about change, we have added fantastic video tutorials that will walk-through each section, made by none other than your friendly neighborhood tech support specialists Tim and Mike H.  However, if the changes are earth shattering and universe stopping for you, never fear; your tech support team is always here to walk you through everything step by step over the phone.

Over the next few weeks leading up to the official release, we will be outlining and discussing each section in more depth, but feel free to preview the new site yourself!