Closing the DENPRECON 2011 with DESAB

To say that the day was fantastic would just not do today justice. It was over the top. Lance wrapped the day by noting that DEN has expanded to include administrators, and we now have a Discovery Education Student Advisory Board. Our day ended with 2 students discussing the different types of technology they use daily to enhance their learning experience. The DESAB has 12 students spanning the country who meet monthly using WebEx. Students share their experiences and discuss the way they learn best (Discoverystreaming media) and what they like about being on the DEN Student Advisory Board. The students ended with a video of their first-year impressions captured through desktop sharing. Here’s a window into their work.


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  1. Regalos originales said:

    This feedback is one of the most important aspects in education, this is where you see how much that students are acquiring learning and that education is on track

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