Does the DEN Impact Your Teaching & Learning?

And the answer is a resounding YES! Shared to the DEN Global Blog by Porter Palmer, the results of the Harvard Study are now public.

Highlights include 89.2 % answered “tremendously” and “very much.” In addition, the main formative information about where the DEN should go in the next 6 years include events and other concepts. When asked how our instructional use of technology to support student learning said that 97% of people polled said the DEN community made a difference. Over 60% of people polled said the DEN community encouraged growth. On the social media side, 70% responders said they interact with the DEN regularly. The beauty of the DEN is its uberconnectedness. Main way: blog at 39%.

Major upgrade was last year, but Steve Dembo said the front end will be upgraded to 3 featured spots. In other words, a global aggregate and 2 spots with high interactivity. New WordPress themes and other surprises in time for the summer institute at San Diego.

The challenges of professional growth: helping to integrate technology; providing access to practical resources; networking with colleagues; keeping up with current trends.

What has made the DEN endure and grow is that the community is ours. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DEN!


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