Welcome to the DEN PreCon 2011

Welcome to the DEN’s Sixth birthday party at Science Leadership Academy, a great day full of surprises, all of them engineered by the DE Team under the direction of Cynthia Brown. Fantastic job, Cynthia. Let me tell you that Discovery pulled out all the stops and brought their full court press to PA. Included are Lance Rougeux, Scott Kinney, Patti Duncan, Traci Blazosky, DEN GURU, and Kristen Olfan from PA; Nancy Sharoff, DEN GURU from NY, Janita Demian and Hall Davidson from CA; Steve Dembo from IL, Kyle Schutt, Daren Sander, and Matt Monjan from MD; Cynthia Brown from VA; Tim Childers, DEN GURU from TN; and Elizabeth Lipsomb from NC. With over 1000 members and 3000 events, the DEN is proud to be 6 years old.

Lance began with a video the Discovery Team created that dug deep into the archives, covering many major DEN and Leadership Council events, as well as testimonials from over the years. It’s vintage DEN. Enjoy!

Remarking that Discovery has branded DEN on almost everything, Lance said that over 6 years, we have printed 8,000,000 certificates of webinar attendance. One million educators have been reached via Discovery events, locally and globally. An amazing collaborative group, the DEN is a community of meaning, of friendships, of networking, and there is simply nothing better.

A day of meaning, celebration, connections, a Day of Discovery.

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