Meet our new guy: Johnny H.

Hey all, my name is Johnny Hwong and I am the newest member of the DE Level I Tech Support Team. It’s been less than three weeks into my stay here at Discovery, so I’m still a doe-eyed, newly minted college grad getting used to waking up before noon and not wearing my Pink Floyd shirt everywhere I go.

I’ve been working the phones for only a short time now, but my experience with the phones kicked off with a much anticipated role-playing exercise, which put my customer service ability and knowledge of the DE website to the test. The exercise consisted of DE tech and customer support veterans calling me with questions while I troubleshoot under the watchful eye of Payal Gulia.  The key to these calls, is to work thoroughly with the customer until you reach a solution, it’s important to be calm and think clearly. The exercise touched on a variety of different problems such as a video not playing correctly or the customer’s inability to log in. The calls also touched upon the numerous facets of the admin page, which is important because much of the account settings are located in that area and a bulk of the calls I have been receiving have revolved around admin.

Since I have only recently begun taking calls, the most popular question that I have dealt with is the forgotten username/password issue, which is a cop-out since it isn’t a particularly interesting question. One question that I have encountered a few times, surprisingly, is how to find the usage report for a particular school or district. This question was also asked during the role-playing exercise so it gave me a good practice run before I started handling the question in real life. I could run through the entire process, step-by-step, but Emily wrote a sternly worded letter telling me to keep it to three paragraphs. So, if you need help with coming up with a usage report for a school or district, feel free to go to our help site or give me a ring and I will walk you through it like a champ.


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