Having a clear vision can support you and inspire others . . .

Truly creative people use the gap between vision and current reality to generate energy for change. – Peter Senge

I like Senge’s quote. I like it because it validates the need for ‘vision’.  Vision, to me is the key to the kind of change we need.  Those of us committed to dramatically improved outcomes know we need change.  If education’s quest for change is focused on just ending our steady ‘whittling’ way at the current structure for funding public schools – then education will be focused on moving away from something.

My bias is that the future of education is more wisely focused by clarifying our shared vision.

The question is: What is our vision?  What dreams do we have for our economy?  What hopes do we have for why people would ‘want to be’ benefitting from an education?  What are our desires and wishes for the structure of funding of services for education?

Once we (and ‘we’ is best if it is a strong ‘we’ and made up of a solid majority) have a clear vision then we can focus on the gap between our “vision and current reality” as the place to act.

Being willing to focus on our: shared dreams, shared hopes, shared wishes and shared desires can lead us to our vision.  A clear vision helps us to have direction.  To be positive and focused because we are ‘moving toward’ our vision rather than, ‘moving from’ an undesired state. Photo by Redvers via Flickr