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I’ve read several articles about improving questioning strategies lately, and this blog from LOC shouldn’t be overlooked when we’re addressing “questioning” and critical thinking skills. What do we teach our students about observation, looking at small details, comparing versions of a reading or a painting and just generally asking “what do I notice?” Stephen Wesson talks about challenging students to “look again” and how to use this strategy in the classroom with primary sources.

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  1. Emily Mann said:

    Thank you for posting this. I have found great material including images, audio clips, and even little videos of people like Teddy Roosevelt giving speeches. The Puck magazine (incredibly un-PC because of when it was published) and things like Woody Guthrie or Langston Hughes’ many versions of single pieces of work so you can see their editing process or correspondence with their editor.
    I am thrilled they are using the blog for offering more teacher conversation and ideas about using the resources to deepen usage of the materials.

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